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Tech Jacket 1 Nov. Pre-dates Savage Dragon and Masters of the Universe 1. Family Secrets 3 Nov. Created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Cory Walker and illustrated by artist Ryan OttleyInvincible first appeared in Tech Jacket 1 Novemberbefore graduating to his own self-titled regular series inas i love this trading robot and monster premier title in Image's then-new superhero line. Invincible is the teenaged son of Omni-Manan extraterrestrial superhero of the Viltrumite race.

He has had trouble adjusting to his newfound powers and coping with the reality of his origins. Cory Walker co-created the book and provided art from 1 to 7, as well as — Ryan Ottley assumed art duties with issue 8 and has been pencilling since. Kirkman has provided back-up space for a few aspiring comic creators, most notably Benito Cereno and Nate Bellegarde.

The book is notorious for being graphically violent despite its colorful nature and visuals. In AugustRobert Kirkman announced that the series would end late in with issuewith Ryan Ottley "coming back to the book" for the final twelve-issue sequence. When Mark was seven years old, Nolan reveals that he is a member of a race of peaceful alien explorers called Viltrumites, that he had come to Earth to help mankind and that one day Mark would develop super powers.

His powers, which increase with use, are: Also an ability to hold his breath for very long periods as he flies through space at faster than light speed. While Mark and his friend William visit the university they plan to attend, it is attacked by a cyborg, which leads to William finding out about Mark's powers.

A new Guardians of the Globe is formed, but Mark declines membership; he begins dating Amber Bennett. Meanwhile, the Mauler Twins dig up and revive the Immortal, leader of the Guardians. He was sent to Earth as an advance i love this trading robot and monster and killed the Guardians in preparation for the invasion. Mark, refusing his father's entreaties to join the Viltrumites, tries to fight him [11] but is almost killed before Omni-Man flies off planet in tears.

Allen the Alien returns to tell Mark that Earth is going to be invaded by the Viltrumites. Mark is sent to marry the fishlike humanoid Queen of Atlantissince his father killed the previous King, but he gets another Atlantian to marry her. The astronauts and Mark escape, but one of the astronauts, Rus Livingston, is left behind and replaced by a Martian shape-shifter. Eve retires from being a superhero and moves to Africa to make better use her powers, while Mark enrolls in college.

The campus is attacked by another cyborg, which is revealed to be under the command of a student named D. Sinclair, [17] who then decides to turn his roommate and Mark and William's friend Rick into a cyborg called a Reaniman.

Meanwhile, in order to get back together with Amber, Mark tells Amber that he is Invincible. Angstrom Levy has built a machine to duplicate all of his alternate selves' memories and then transfer those memories into his own brain. When Mark i love this trading robot and monster to stop this, the Mauler Twins bring several of their alternate selves to the lab to fight him. Angstrom attempts to stop the machine to save Mark, which leads to a huge explosion.

Mark survives, but Angstrom is hideously deformed and driven insane; he blames Invincible and escapes to plan his revenge. Mark fights an alien who is disguised as one of Mark's favorite comic book characters, Science Dog; the alien asks Mark to save his planet and Mark accepts. On the planet, he finds his father alive.

The Viltrumites tell Mark that he is in charge of readying Earth for invasion. Nolan tells Mark to read his novels. Mark's mother becomes attached to his new half-brother and agrees to raise him. Enraged, Mark pulls him into an alternate dimension and beats him to death. Mark's roommate William tells him that their friend Rick previously kidnapped by D.

Sinclair has gone missing. Several homeless people have disappeared from a park, so William dresses as a homeless person and sleeps on a bench with Mark watching, hoping i love this trading robot and monster will lead them to Rick. When a Reaniman abducts William, Mark chases after but is attacked by three other Reanimen, including Rick. William gets Rick to attack the other Reanimen; Mark breaks Sinclair's jaw, but Cecil comes in and arrests them. Later, Cecil offers Sinclair a job with the government.

Mark is called to help fight a Sequid invasion. He and Amber break up. He then discovers his half-brother, Oliver, can fly. Eve finds out that Mark and Amber broke up and says they're dating now. Mark tells Eve what her future self told him and that he doesn't feel that way about her; she storms off. Later, a female Viltrumite shows up, wanting to know how far he has come in preparing Earth for invasion.

She tries to show how Earth may benefit i love this trading robot and monster being part of the Viltrumite empire. After helping Mark save people on a sinking ship, she asks him if he is ready to work for the Viltrumites. When he refuses, she attacks him [41] and informs him that a replacement will come soon to take over Earth. Mark goes to Africa looking for Eve. Cecil pages him that Doc Seismic is holding all of the superheroes captive.

Mark destroys Seismic and many of the monsters, but i love this trading robot and monster out from exhaustion. He then learns that Cecil hired Sinclair, the evil creator of the Reanimen, and Darkwing II, a psycho whom Mark had previously captured. He beats up Darkwing but discovers that none of the gathered heroes knows Darkwing was actually a murderer. He talks with Eve about making the biggest mistake of his life.

Cecil, thinking Mark is becoming evil, uses the Reanimen to attack him; Mark defeats them but discovers that Cecil has placed something in him to upset his equilibrium. After getting Robot to block the frequency, Mark destroys almost all of the Reanimen. Cecil fires him, and Mark says to stay away from his family. He goes home and tells the story to his mom, brother, and Eve. Eve and Mark go into the backyard, and he tells her that when he thought he was going to die, all he could think of was her; they kiss.

Mark, now a free agent, tells Oliver that he needs to train him how to use his powers. They get new costumes, with Oliver insisting on being called Kid Omni-Man. They fight two super villains, and Oliver makes many rookie mistakes, but Mark forgives him. Back home, Mark i love this trading robot and monster out with Eve, and they kiss again, only to be watched by a floating camera sent by the presumed-dead Angstrom Levy.

The Mauler Twins have a new weapon and appear to have taken out the new Guardians of the Globe. They become frustrated while fighting Mark and launch a nuclear missile. Oliver arrives, and Mark takes off after the missile; while he is in space, Oliver kills the Twins.

Mark and Oliver argue over the right to kill, with Mark trying to convince Oliver that human life is precious. Mark tells Oliver he is too much like their dad. Oliver asks Mark if he ever thought their father was right, and Mark replies discreetly: Mark is disturbed at what Oliver has done and leaves his date with Eve early, returning home i love this trading robot and monster arguing with Oliver.

While on patrol, Mark comes across Titan and says he has not forgiven him for taking over Machine Head's corporation. They fight until a huge dragon attacks Mark. Titan escapes and we see that he is going to start a war with Mr. Liu the dragon's host and his gang, which also consists of Multi-Paul Dupli-Kate's brother.

Mark comes across Eve in the sky and tells her he will meet her later. He returns home to talk to Oliver, and he forgives him. Oliver notices an orb in the tree. Mark and Eve realize they love each other, and sleep together for the first time. Meanwhile, Allen the Alien is in a Viltrumite prison, where Nolan is scheduled to be executed. Allen has become good friends with Nolan and breaks them out of their cells along with Battlebeast. Allen, Nolan, and Battlebeast fight the Viltrumites and eventually escape after Nolan reveals that there are only 50 pure blooded Viltrumites left.

Mark receives a call from Amber and goes to see her. She says her father has died and her new boyfriend Gary is physically abusive. Meanwhile, Oliver is patrolling the city when he comes across a giant robot destroying the city; he is being followed by one of Angstrom Levy's floating orbs. Mark holds Gary over a building by his leg and threatens to kill him if he hurts Amber again.

Mark goes to help Oliver, who says that the human inside the suit just wants to get out, and Mark says that they'll talk about it later. Amber, who is happy about what Mark did, tells him she is giving Gary another chance.

Later, Mark apologizes to Oliver about not teaching him things. Oliver sees a reflection in the trees and Mark tries to get the orb, but it blows up in his hand. He realizes someone was watching them. He asks Cecil if it is him; Cecil says it was not, but asks if he can help track down a fugitive, Wolf-Man.

Angstrom Levy finally makes his move. Flashbacks show that Mark had not actually killed Angstrom, who had just enough energy to make one last portal to a dimension where a group of aliens heal him of his wounds.

After he recovers, he travels to other dimensions and i love this trading robot and monster over a dozen evil versions of Invincible. The evil Invincibles launch a massive assault on Earth with the intent on not just causing damage but also ruining Invincible's reputation. Many major cities are destroyed, and Rex-Splode dies when i love this trading robot and monster explodes his own skeleton in order to defeat an evil Invincible.

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